Sunday, August 26, 2012

55 days and counting.

We are getting closer and closer.

Isn't he adorbs? 
This is his "You've taken a million pictures today so i'm not smiling anymore" face. 
He still humors me--even when annoyed!
Can't wait to marry this stud.

Here's my week in review!

We hung out with some good friends Saturday, eating dinner and playing Settlers of Catan. I'm not gonna brag--but I came from behind and smoked everyone! I think Nick regrets teaching me all his tricks--and it helps that he can't be ruthless to such a sweet face!

I've also been working on more wedding crafts--and I created a ring box to keep our rings in on the wedding day. Tell me that won't make the cutest little pictures. 
Stay tuned--because i'll be posting some more wedding crafts
some of our engagement pictures next week!!

We've really been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by running, playing disc golf, and walking the pups. Sweet fur babies can't get enough of this weather!

Can't wait for picking pumpkins, scarves, boots, turning leaves...oh and our wedding!!
Exciting season!

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