Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Tutorial} Pumpkin Embroidery Hoop Wreath

We are in FULL Wedding mode now adays in the Hodges/Mabus households.
{66} days and counting.
Hard to believe it is just around the corner!

The parental units have been working so hard on getting all the final details of the invites done, and we're finally crossing off some things from the To-do list.

Still WAY more to do--but let's just not think about that!

With all this going on--I've still managed to get in the ol' craft room and de-stress by doing what i do best. Making a MESS! {I mean crafting}

Today's project was inspired by this little gem I found on Pinterest.

I love how inspiring Pinterest can be--and It's such a dangerous great place for a creative mind like me!

This "H" wreath is going to look so great on the door in the fall.

 You will need:
18" Embroidery hoop
1/2 yard of Orange Burlap
Rotary cutter
Black Acrylic Paint
Spray Adhesive
Round paint sponge
Paint Sealer [Not pictured]
Assorted ribbon for top.



Start by placing the embroidery hoop on top of the burlap, and cutting roughly 2 in. around with a rotary cutter.

 Use a stencil or computer to print off a letter. I uses Times New Roman in size 700.

Carefully cut around the letter--creating a stencil from the paper.
Spray adhesive onto back of stencil and firmly adhere to burlap.

Lightly use round paint sponge to to go over stencil.
Let dry and go over again.

TIP: I recommend that you use a heavy cardstock to stencil with. I did not have any on hand--so i had to use regular printer paper. I noticed several places where the stencil was starting to give a little.

Take stencil off and admire how awesome your stenciling skills are!

I sprayed a sealer on mine after it had dried--since mine will be outside. It just helps to protect the paint a little more from the elements. Totally optional though.

Place burlap into embroidery hoop and adjust and tighten. Trim the excess burlap on the back.

I added various ribbons for texture and contrast.
Burlap and tulle ribbons are from Hobby Lobby

 Place on door and admire your beautiful new wreath.

{I did notice i need to adjust my H--seems a little crooked!}

 And you are done! Now you have a festive wreath to send you into the Fall Months!

Break down:

Embroidery hoop- $3 {1/2 off at Hobby Lobby}
Orange Burlap- $2 {I had plenty left over for another craft}
All other materials I had on hand.

Total Cost- $5


  1. Love!!! Where's mine? Letter "G" please (hehe).


  2. Great job! Love it! Thanks Tonya for sharing Bee of Good Cheer:)


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