Friday, September 28, 2012

Kid at Heart

Thank the Good Lord it's Friday.
I wasn't quite sure if I was going to make it through that last week.
In 22 days
This hottie and I...

 will be...

Headed to Disney!
The most wonderful time of the year plus the most wonderful place on earth??
We'll be in Heaven.

Even though it's our honeymoon and you're suppose to relax, look lovingly into each other's eyes, and well...
other things too...
We've decided to jam pack ours full of fun.
This is both of our first times going and who knows when we'll get to go again.
So why not?! {we'll sleep some other time}

{I may be more excited about Disney than our actual wedding}
I'm just such a kid at heart!


This week is a hodge podge of things..

My Shutterfly album arrived today! I've been patiently tracking that sucker{like a stalker} all week. It's exactly how i pictured it would be, and can't wait for all the details to come together.

I also checked out the Michael's Grand opening Sale today and got 20 foam brushes for a buck!
I thought it was a fluke. really. i did. Until i got to the register.
I got the brushes. 3 packs of paper. and 6 packs of brads for 
I love Hobby Lobby. But Michaels may have just trumped them in the craft supply dept!
Check this post to get the most of your coupons from HL, Joanns and Michaels.

I also channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and threw all caution to the wind to make her Carrot Cake.
Dangerously fatty. but oh-so good!
Now that i'm looking at this, three of the pics are food related.
{We don't judge on this blog--eat whatever you want--I won't tell}

Mac and Cheese was on the menu tonight, while I was crafting up some favor tags.
Hmm. What could they be? :)

And because I love to see my Manly man doing Manly things...a bonus pic of him mowing the lawn.
;) I'm sure he'd love to know that picture is on here!

Enjoy your weekend!
What are you thankful for??

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