Monday, September 3, 2012

Tired but thankful

This week has been an absolute blur.
With working full time and planning a wedding i'm going {Crazy!}

I'm just now getting around to posting my "I'm thankful" wrap-up from last week.

Enjoy a little sneak peek into my week!

My lovely future mother-in-law and I stayed up into the wee hours of Sunday morning working on DIY wedding gifts.
They were a burden of love to make--but they turned out spectacular.
There's nothing in the world I'd rather lose sleep over than crafting!!

Our to-do list today included a trip to Lowes to purchase lots and lots of wood. 
2x4s...2x6s...dowels...oh my!
I'm excited for everyone to see all the DIY details that are going to be incorporated into our Big Day! 

I have also made a little time to craft just for fun this week.
Some Dollar Store picture frames got a little Fall Facelift
I've been working on another fall craft that will be {Featured} soon on Bee of Good Cheer!

And one of my favorite things about Fall?
Caramel Apple Pops!!
{CVS had a variety pack--and I dare to say they were better than the original Green Apple}
So go snatch some of those up before they're gone!


It's September now--so get those Fall Decorations up without {ANY} shame!

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