Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing...the Hodges Family

We are married!

Officially Mr. & Mrs. and all the good stuff that comes with that!
We're talking about the hubs making breakfast on Saturday mornings [oh-em-gee that boy can scramble some eggs], buying everything I can find with an "H" on it, and of course all the new family we inherited.
 It's such a fun time to of year to get married. I get so giddy everytime he introduces me to some extended family member as his "wife." I have to pinch myself sometimes because it truly feels like a fairytale. I could have that feeling because...well...we did honeymoon at the most magical place on earth! 

We were pretty hardcore and drove [5 1/2] hours to Georgia right after our wedding. When we woke up the next morning THIS was on our car. Presh, right?

How can you not get excited seeing this for the first time?
We acted like such kids. We rode everything we could, and ran rampant through the parks
[our fav. being animal kingdom].
Then we acted like old people, having to take an entire day to recoup because we overdid ourselves. 
I seriously could not move my legs!

And just a few more "essential" Disney pics.

And our Professional pictures are up on our photographer's blog today!
Please take a looksie here...they are just the most precious things ever!

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