Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Tutorial} Split Pea Monogram

This was one of my absolute favorite DIY accents in our wedding.

So easy and such a statement! {Just my kind of craft}

You will need:
23.5" Paper Mache Letter
Modge Podge
Foam Brush
Green Acrylic Paint
3 bags of Split Peas


Begin by painting the entire letter with green paint. 
I mixed two colors of Anita's Acrylic Paint [Green Apple & Lily Pad] to get a color that was similar to the split peas.

This allows any space not covered in split peas to flow better.
I also painted the back because I was not planning on putting any peas on it.


I waited 2 minutes till it completely dried, then generously poured modge podge over the entire H.

I waited till each side completely dried, then flipped it to cover the sides too.

A nice, big mess. Just the way I like it.

Let it fully dry.
Shake of excess peas and fill in any bald spots.
Now you have a beautiful photo accent!

Here's several other ideas with split peas that are around the house:

Now for the 
Break Down:
Paper Mache letter- $4.99 @ Joanns {I used a 50% coupon and got it for half price}
Split Peas- 3 @ $.97 each = $2.91
The rest of the items I had on hand--but you can pick them all up at your local craft store.

Total Cost: $7.90

Just the budget you want for a photo prop when you're planning a wedding!!

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