Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Chalkboard obession

It's best that I clear the air.
That i finally come clean about my problem.
So here it goes..

My name is Brittany {Everyone repeat after me, "Hi Brittany"} and I have an addiction to...


Oh i love everything about them..

the simple black and white coloring,
the creativity and fun fonts to recreate,
the chalk dust all over my hands....

Oh so perfect.
At any given moment, my Pinterest homepage can look like this.
Everyone's hooked!

 I change my chalkboard almost daily, so I thought it would be so so fantastic to show you some of the fun i've been having with mine!

So you can get inspired, i'll show you the before of my chalkboard.


Ok, not so bad.
It was an old cuttingboard I had found for a few bucks at an antique store a couple years back.

I sprayed it a bunch of times with Krylon's Chalkboard paint, {Found at Lowes}
then "Seasoned" it.

Whenever you use chalk paint, you want to season it before initial use. 
This means to cover the whole thing in chalk. 
 This is absolutely essential!
If it's not properly seasoned, you will find that there is permanent residue from the first thing that you wrote or drew on it.
And you definitely don't want that on your newly painted chalkboard!

Easy Peasy.

Now onto the fun!

This was my first attempt and I innocently copied it from this card.
{Always give credit where credit is due, peeps.}

After testing the waters, I was ready to dive in and do my own thing!

If you can't think of anything on your own, search Pinterest and Etsy.
Pick and choose fun elements from certain prints and combine to make your own individual piece.
Just go with it.

And if you haven't seen enough chalkboard love...
Check out our Christmas Card this year!

Fun, Fun. Now go out and get/make you one!

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