Friday, December 7, 2012

A little fridge makeover

I've finally bounced back from the ol' stomach virus.

There were a few days there I wasn't sure I was gonna make it.
{slight exxageration}

But my Husband {love calling him that} went into full caretaker mode.
He brought me medicine, tucked me in bed, made me drink so I wouldn't get dehydrated,
and even took half a day off work to drive me to the doctor and take care of me.
Sweet, sweet man.

It probably helped that while I slept for almost two whole days, he got to play video games.
Lots of video games.
Konked out wife = happy life.
Or something like that ;)


Since I'm feeling better, a little craft is in order!

Aren't they cute?

You will need:
 Scrapbook paper
Magnet picture frames or magnet strips
Spray Adhesive {I use Loctite}


I got the frames when I won a Glade House Party earlier this year.
I had lots left over and I was not about to throw away a good magnet!

But, if you are looking for an alternative, you could cut similar frames out of cardboard/cardstock
and attach to fridge with magnet strips

Once you have coordinating paper picked out, spray the back with adhesive and place magnet on to dry.

Once dry, cut around with scissors or Xacto knife.

And you are done!
I love an easy and quick craft!

Hang on the fridge to admire your work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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