Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ho..Ho..Holiday Decor

I've had Christmas decor up since before Thanksgiving, so I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek today!

First things first...
The outdoors!

I haven't gotten an entire house shot..but these are some of the little details.

Everything gets monogrammed with an "H" or a "Hodges" around here now adays. :)
Go ahead and refer to me Mrs. Hodges, I love it!

Movin' indoors..


My friend Erica of Tulips and Aprons is an amazing painter, and I ordered this cute little snowman painting from her earlier this Fall! You should check out her blog for all her beautiful work!

Chalkboard is an oldie but goodie! It was a vintage cutting board that I spray painted years ago with chalkboard paint. Since the Chalkboard craze has hit Pinterest--I decided to pull it out of the back of thecloset and join in!

These Santa figurines are my favorite Christmas Decor.
My grandparents used to spend time together woodworking and my grandma would paint their creations. When she passed away last year, my mom passed these little guys down to me. So precious!  

{Another creation from my grandparents}

A little festive puppy art!

Ending this perfect night with some Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Marshmallows
& Duck Dynasty reruns.

Will Willie win the lawnmower race? Riveting drama!

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