Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Fall lover's dream

If there are two things you should definitely know about me by now from reading this blog, they are...

I love Crafting & Fall.
Oh i just swoon the second I see a leaf turning or a mum pop up at the store.
I just can't help myself.

Well today on my lunch break, I hit the motherload of Fall clearance at Pier One!
I typically never go into that store,
{Who wants to pay $10 for a tealight candle?}
 but it was calling my name.

As soon as I walked to the back and saw all the red, brown, and orange in the clearance,
I knew i was in HEAVEN! 

Here's some pics of today's haul...and I'll give you the grand total at the bottom!

I got six boxes of beaded acorns 
and pine cones for $.88/each!

Seven boxes of this acorn gem mix 
for $.78/each! 

Here's the clearance tags for the acorn gem mix. 
They were just sitting there waiting for me 
to come along and pick them up!

Four boxes of gem covered corn.
{So excited to make a wreath with these!}

{Don't mind the cute puppy, she enjoys looking at the haul as much as I do!}

Two Mercury Glass Candle Holders $2.98/each

Metal Leaf votive holder $1.28

Pressed Leaf Candles $1.18/Large & $.98/Small

 Three Mini Berry Wreaths

Eight Tall Vase Picks

Total before Discounts:


Yikes! Can you believe they can charge that? Or that people would pay it??
And now...
 **Drum Roll Please** 

Yeah! How many more months till Fall?

Also, there is one more spot available for my Crafty Pay-it-Forward, so click on over and snag it!


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