Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Hodges Family Christmas

It's been a wonderful Christmas Season.

Of course, it's our first Married Christmas so that in itself was exciting!

We packed the car to the brim on the 21st, and didn't return home till the 30th. 
We spent 23 hours in the car, but it was so worth it to visit everyone.
{Nick's tags on my gifts. Seriously. I just have the cutest fella}

Our first stop was the Hodges family Christmas Party.
My mother-in-law cooked up a  delicious feast with all the fixins'.
Then present time came.
Where I opened THIS!
Ohmiword...I cannot wait to use it and get my craft on.
I have some great ideas--and can't wait to reveal them on the blog soon!
The next day we traveled 7 hours to Mississippi, where we spent some QT with my dad and step mom.
 Here's a few pics of all the Christmas fun!
 Daddy/Daughter Time.
Nick was so excited about his new Karma Disc Golf bag!
 Saw some teary eyes when dad opened his Christmas gift I made.

We spent 5 days in MS, then headed back to TN for our third Christmas celebration with Mom and Grandpa.

This is my favorite photo of ALL the Christmas photos, but it has a little backstory.

Before the wedding, Jess and I did a little shopping at a boutique in Bowling Green. 
We came upon these Monogram rings, that Jessica had to have, but she didn't want to pay for it.
She decided later that she wanted the ring for Christmas, but when I went to get it for her--it was gone.

Well she's been asking me constantly when she was going to get it, and how she couldn't wait to open her present...etc. And every time I told her there was NO WAY she was getting it.

I happened to stop by the store a few days before Christmas, and there is was! 
A lone "J" looking for it's home.

I made her wait to open that present last--and well the picture explains the rest!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday season.

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