Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine Burlap door hanger

Have you ever had that project that no matter how beautiful, fun or easy it looks
 the craft seems too ominous to tackle?

Well that project for me is these adorable burlap door hangers.

I shamelessly bought these two beauties over the last couple of years...
thinking they were a steal at $47.00/each.

But my sweet friend Carmella rocks at making them! Here's a few fun ones she's done recently.

After some encouraging and "insider tips" I attempted my own and I am hooked!

No need to reinvent the if you want some tutorials check out:


Here's the creative process on mine. Scroll for some tips I learned along the way.

Pick a color palette for your project.
{I'm kinda hooked on the pink and blue for Valentines right now}

I typically never measure, but as I said at the beginning, I was a little hesitant about this one
so I sketched my idea out first.

The picture on the right is an extremely accurate chevron stencil made my by my engineer of a husband.
My directions to him where:
"Can you cut me out a chevron stencil please?"
He spent about 30 minutes working on the logistics of it!
Love that man!

Tip: In my opinion, the best dotters on the market are Martha Stewarts.
They are firm without much give, so you get a perfect little dot every time!
I'm sure professional painters may have have their own options--but for the everyday crafter these are WONDERFUL!
You can get them at Michaels or here.

I touched up the pink so it wouldn't be so "Pepto Bismol-y" and then used my super accurate chevron stencil to draw the lines on the burlap with a pencil.

 This picture has an awful shadow, but i wanted to show the final painted  version before stuffing.

Once it dried,
I used hot glue to connect the front and back together and stuffed it with plastic Kroger bags.

Tip: I prefer to use hot glue. That sucker isn't going anywhere, and I love not seeing a stitch or staple.
My friend Carmella staples, and one of the tutorials above sews,
so it's absolutely depends on how you want to tackle it.
All roads lead to an awesome burlap door hanger!

And here's the final product!

If you would like one, but do not have time/energy to complete it, let me know.
I can work with you to complete a custom, fun piece to decorate your door!

Happy Weekend, Friends!!

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