Sunday, January 20, 2013


You know what that is?

It's my voice! 
I haven't had a voice since Sunday of last week. 
At first it was kind of nice, but it got annoying very quickly considering I have to talk all day for my job.
Even Nick was getting annoyed with me, lovingly asking me to "quit talking so my voice would get better."
Although i'm pretty sure it was because he was tired of hearing me struggle to talk!

Here's a snippet of the past week.

This week the hubs and I went on a date to O'Charleys. We rarely eat out, and I was pretty proud of us because we were able to stick to the diet really well! 
I'm down almost 3 pounds since the beginning of the year and Nick is down 5 pounds. Go us!

Not on the diet front, are the adorable  Minnie Mouse cookies 
I'm making for a friend's little girl's birthday party.
This is the first picture i've posted {Because i'm new to it and pretty self-conscience}, but i'll eventually post more. I'm also tackling some Hungry Caterpillar cookies too and i'll post as soon as I'm done!

The middle picture gave us a good chuckle. Lumen got very concerned when Nick was stretching after his workout and proceeded to come lay down on him. Man's best friend? I think so! I'm chopped liver!

I scored these awesome 28" tall Moss Covered Reindeer from a very expensive boutique in town.
They were originally $40/each.  I found them on clearance for 90% off...which comes to $8 for the pair!
I felt like I was stealing them at that price.

Our friends the Wray's introduced us to this deliciously light salad
If you're looking for something different, try it out!

Being the old people that we are, we've done two puzzles over the last week. 
So fun! 

Much Love, Friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

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