Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What i'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday again!

I love this day because it's a "work from home" day for me and breaks up the week oh-so-nicely.
I worked on the couch rockin' some Mickey mouse PJ's and a bad hair do,
the pups played NONSTOP {I need some of that energy!},
then I took a lunch break at Griffs with the hubs 
and it was back to work!

Hard life, isn't it? ;)

All this hard work gets me thinkin' about what i'm lovin' this week!
Go ahead and click here and play this song while scrolling along.

 I'm LOVING Phillip Phillip's CD right now.
Particularly the song you should be listening to while scrolling and "Gone Gone Gone"
Who am I kidding? I love every single one!

 I'm LOVING this PYP steal that I got in the mail today.
You can't have enough font stamps!

LOVING this Valentine Banner I made earlier this week.
Stay tuned because a tutorial is going up tmrw!

I scored these awesome "Fall & Winter" samples from Lowes today for $2.97/each.
I saw the words "Fall" and a pumpkin on the display and well...i was sold!
I bought these, some thin wood sheeting and some plexiglass.
Can't wait to show you what i've got up my sleeve.

LOVING our precious fur babies. They make my life so happy.

LOVING these Pinterest finds this week.

And I'm LOVING that this handsome fella and I have been married for 100 days!
{We took this pic at midnight on Monday--Which was our 100th day}

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