Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{WILW} Valentine's Party Fun

I don't usually decorate for all the seasons,
just the essential Holidays: Fall & Christmas.

But I'm having a Birthday Shindig the weekend before my actual Birthday,
and I want the house to be decked out in Valentine Love!

So this week's WILW is full of lovey, dovey, pink Inspiration.

Since there isn't much to be done outside in the winter,
I'm loving the idea of making something similar to this to go by the front door.

I'm loving these oh-so-cute Valentine Blondies.
{They may already be in my kitchen--thank goodness for WW Flex Points!!}

Loving this "Tree of Love."

Loving this...because some days are just like this :)

Obviously I'm loving this printable!

This is definitely making it to the party!

And here's some decor around the Hodges household that i'm loving!

And like every other day--i LOVE this stud muffin!

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