Friday, February 15, 2013

Homemade V-Day 2013

This Valentine's Day [Our first married] we decided on a theme..


From the get-go the hubs made is VERY clear that he was not about to craft something for me.

His exact words:
"Crafts are the antithesis of everything I am."

I knew this when I married him. Sad day.
But alas, he does support my crafting addiction and appreciates what I make.
So i skeedaddled into my craft room, my brain swirling with ideas!

First project was to use the Hubs fav candy..Reeces Pieces.
I used a clear pillow box i got from PYP
and Embellishments are from Hobby Lobby.

Second idea is based on this idea on Pinterest, and new it would be easy and fun! 

Here's 2013 Vday Craft Central

 Nick's version of Homemade was to make me dinner..and flowers {Which he didn't make ;)}

He chose Chicken Costoletta from Cheescake Factory 
Fried Chicken, smothered in creamy sauce, and served over a sinful amount of pasta.

I haven't seen such dangerous ingredients cooked in the kitchen in a long time.
full fat milk, heavy whipping cream, real butter, gouda, parmasean, and oh the bread!

messy cook.

We ended the night watching TV and Cuddling.
Perfect Vday!


  1. Y'all are precious!!! Oh and can I borrow him to feed the cow when I'm scared of the dark :-)


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