Friday, March 22, 2013

Ello new Downton fan here

The hubs and I are both loving his 30 days till 30 celebration.

I love how happy he gets every morning asking what his gift is today. 
It's just precious! 
His gift on Wednesday was a subscription to Hulu Plus.

Our friends the Wray's got us hooked on The Following, 
and since Nick has been talking about getting Hulu anyway, i thought it would be the perfect gift.

The look on his face agreed!

So far I have been absolutely hooked on Downton Abby.

I saw the uproar of my FB friends after the Season 2 finale--and I know they kill off characters on the show.
After 5 episodes i'm already so invested in the characters.
I just hope I don't fall in love to have them kill my favorites off!
I just love Bates!

No spoilers on the Blog about it!

Also, if you haven't already, click on over and enter the giveaway! 2 more days.

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