Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 days till 30 Project

With the hubs knocking on the door of 30, I was trying to come up with a super fun way to ring it in for him.
Also to distract him from actually thinking about being 30

30 is a big deal--so why not get a gift every day?

We're on a super tight budget
{Saving for 20% down on a house = no excess spending}
So that my was my first step.

How Much to Spend:

I bought 30 gifts..including some killer deals for around

What to Buy:

This all depends on your fella--you want it to be specific to what he likes.
Nick doesn't get excited about much, but he sure gets a big smile on his face waiting on his daily gift!

I tried to give one "bigger" gift each week and keep the rest of the items around $1.

Here's my complete list:

30. Steno Notepad
29. Mechanical Pencils {He's always running out of these}
28. Reese's Pieces
27. FUN. "Some Nights"
26. Soduku Puzzles
25. Gum
24. Heart Rate Monitor Watch
23. Snickers
22. Hulu Plus
21. Dove Dark Chocolates
20. Eragon Book #1
19. Zip Ties
18. Breaking Bad Season 1
17. Sports Hangman
16. Beef Jerky
15. Edest Book #2
14. Jolly Rancher Candy
13. Highlighter
12. Skittles
11. Super Mario Bros 2 for DS.
10. Breakaway Knife
9. Cookies and Cream Bunny
8. Fancy Watch
7. Mario Mushroom shaped Candies
6. Bath Pillow
5. Life is Good Tshirt
4. Nalgene Bottle
3. Iphone Screen Protectors
2. Mary Jane's Chocolates 
1. Andes Mints
0. Iphone Car Charger

It can easily be tweaked for any special person on any special day:
9 months of gifts till a baby is born
18 days of adulthood essentials for your almost-adult
A countdown till someone goes on a misson trip/moving/etc.

It has been so much fun!
But i did warn Nick he wasn't getting this for his 40th birthday--finding 30 gifts on a budget is hard!

 And finally...
Make sure to tune in tmrw to check out the FINAL Birthday Surprise!!


  1. What a cute idea! I'm sure he loved it!!! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TT&J :)

  2. This is a super fun idea, and is so thoughtful. :)


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