Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{Tutorial} 3 Letter Moss Monogram Wreath

When we got married, I told our wedding planner that I wanted the first letter of each of our names in moss on the side of the barn.

And boy did she deliver.
We arrived for the rehearsal dinner to find 3 foot tall letters hung on each door of the barn.

I had big plans for those 3 foot tall moss letters--but alas

outside, all winter long, through rain snow and temps from [70 to the teens]

Resulted in a stinky, moldy mess.

So with Spring in full swing, 
I decided I was going to incorporate the same idea into a wreath for our front door!

Disclaimer:  The wreath in the DIY post is different than the original. 
At the time I made mine, I wasn't planning on making a tutorial.
They are the exact same process, just different sizing.

You will need:
1 Large Letter

 2 Small Accent Letters

{Pictures below show measurements of full size and mini version}  

1 Package of Sheet Moss

Acrylic Paint in Matching Color

Glue Gun


I started by painting the side of the letters with acrylic paint.

Once they dried, I used my handy dandy SKIL multicutter
to cut the moss sheet roughly to the size of the letter.

Next Step: Hot glue

And more cutting

Voila! Look at that pretty little monogram.

Repeat the same steps for the other two letters.

Once they were all done, I hot glued the sides of the letters together.

{Whether you want to layer your letters or place them side by side depends on the shape of your letters. Our last name begins with "H" so it's perfect for layering. The "G" in this gift wreath lends itself more to side-by-side} 

Compare and make your own judgement on what you like the look of best.

I did not feel like it was secure enough so enter the trusty staplegun.
{If you choose to layer the letters the hot glue holds fine. 
Mine has been on my front door for about a month and it has held wonderfully}

Add some ribbon and you're almost done.

And here's the finished product!
This is a wedding gift, so I added the year in wire to the bottom of the wreath.
{Just another option}


For the mini wreath

10 1/2" MDF letter- $1.95 {30% off at Michaels}
Two 5 1/2" MDF letters - $1.96 {30% off at HL}
Moss Sheet- $4.8 {with 40% HL Coupon}
18 Gage Wire- $1.99
All other items I had on hand.

Total Cost:


Prices for the Larger Letters if you want to go that Route:
13" MDF Letter- $3.49
9 1/2" MDF Letters- 2.49/each
{Wait till these little guys are on sale or use a HL coupon, and they'll be even cheaper}

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  1. Wow, this is fabulous. I am totally pinning this right now. Thanks for sharing.


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