Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Mrs. Pay it Forward.

Now that we're all settled in such in our new home,
I thought I'd break in the craft room and get to paying it forward crafty style.

I already received one gift this year from Brandie @ Dream Custom Artwork and loved it!
So I felt it was my turn to get to my five and send some love their way.

I couldn't decide on one gift to give all five, so I broke it down into two separate ideas.

Washi Tape Monogrammed Coasters

I have a set of these for myself..and loved them so much I wanted to share the love.
The ceramic scalloped coaster paired with the colorful washi tape and monogram make it such a cute and functional piece.

And let the monogram love continue...
{What good Southern woman doesn't love to Monogram everything}

Monogrammed Oil Dispensers

The monogrammed oil dispensers are among the most favorite items I have ever made!
If I ever get around to starting up my Vinyl business--I'm sure these will be a top seller.
They turned out precious.

 Presentation is everything for creative types like me..
So of course the packages needed to be fancied up a little before i sent them out.

This was so very fun to do. Can't wait for next year!


  1. I loved my coaster set - thank you! The nicest part was seeing that bright polka dotted package in the mailbox:)!

  2. Love my gift as well. Now I need to get my pay it forwards handed out.


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