Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New home New Craft Room [Part 1]

I probably have a total of 10 blog posts in the works, but all this moving/unpacking stuff 
[which is for crazy people]
has taken over everything!

Most of the house looks like we've just moved in...
But i have FINALLY finished {ONE} room!

Flash back to a month ago when my lovely parents came to spend the week with us and help us get settled.
They were seriously a Godsend! We got so much done with them here.

I had seen this image on Pinterest several months before--and stuck it in the back of my mind for my future craftroom.
It is such a bright and cheery Fall palette, and still allows me to incorporate some things from my old craft room.

My step-mom knew that I wouldn't be able to unpack that room until I got it seriously organized, and she helped to convince the hubs that I NEEDED it done. :) 
Love a woman after my own heart!
We then bebopped on over to Lowes and picked out this color--Butterscotch Sundae..


..And got to painting!

This little stinker started to walk in--saw the walls and backed herself right back out.
Guess she wasn't ready for all the color!

While we painted, my two favorite men put together all the cabinetry for the room.
They were not amused that I was snapping pics of them, and refused to look at the camera.


Forward several hours later. 
We finished painting and then everyone worked together to get the bigger pieces put together and up.

And the next morning I snapped this pic.
Goodness Gracious HGTV would be proud.

To go along with the color scheme, I decided to paint the pegboard Spa Blue by Americana.
Look at that color pop against the orange wall!

That's the background of how my room started--
Click on over to see how I brought it all together!

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