Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monogrammed Oil Dispenser

Remember the crafty pay-it-forward a few month's ago?
Well I'm finally getting around to posting the quick DIY post on the Monogrammed Oil Dispenser.

I started with a high quality Olive Oil bottle and some Vinyl.

Using my Silhouette and computer,
{which also doubles as a weight lifting tool if needed}
I drew up a quick design [Step 1]

Weeded the excess vinyl [Step 2]
Moved vinyl from vinyl backing to transfer paper [Step 3]
Then placed it onto Oil Dispenser [Step 4]

I then gave each bottle a quick spray of Acrylic Sealer for some added protection since it will most likely be used in the kitchen.

And that was it.
It could easily be used for a soap dispenser or olive oil container. Or really anything you might need it for. How cute would some yummy homemade dressing look in it?

Thanks for stopping by!

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