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Hello there! 

We are the Hodges--Nick and Brittany {and our two four-legged babies Lumen & Hank}.
Nick and I met way back in 2007 through our college ministry, The Gathering. There weren't fireworks or stars in our eyes at first, just good friends enjoying the college experience. After getting my Elementary Education degree, I searched and found my current job, an Early Interventionist at Kids Putnam. God knew exactly what he was doing when he lined this job up, because I could not ask for a better fit for my life.

While I worked, Nick finished up his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering in the same town. 
We reconnected as friends, 
and spent every night for the next several months on my mom's couch watching Dexter.
And by the time we had finished the series, 
we realized that there was much more to our relationship than just friends!
We got engaged the in 2012, and married 6 months later on a beautiful October day.

Nick is quite the "Engineer type." 
He's quiet and a thinker, and I'm talkative and spontaneous.
Which is funny, because in college we were quite the opposite. 
A friend once told me that Engineers marry teachers to balance each other out.
Definitely true in our book!

We rounded the family out with our two pups.
Lumen is our three year old Husky/German Shepherd Mix. She is all personality, and everyone who meets her feels the same way. We lovingly refer to her as our "Blonde-headed Long-legged beauty" and the hubs calls him her "princess." [I never thought I'd hear him say THAT! But he's head over heels in love with her].
Hank is also three and is a tri-color beagle. He was rescued from the most pitiful situation, and I couldn't bare to let him go anywhere. "Eeyore" is a good explanation for him! He doesn't get excited about much, and is always giving those sad puppy eyes. Food is just about the only thing that gets him excited!

We just bought our first our first home in July of 2013, and it truly feels like we have it all now!
We're slowly turning this new construction into our home room by room.
My favorite of course being my Craft Room!

I come from a long time of crafty women, so creativity has always just come naturally to me. I never really got into my design groove till I had my own space and money to create as I wanted. Now I can't be stopped. I even know what employees are working on what days at my Hobby Lobby--and several know me by name! No joking there!

I love Bees [hence the blog name], camping, gardening, cooking, watching the ID Channel, and spending all the time I can with my little family. 
Thanks for stopping by Bee of Good Cheer!
Hope you stay for a while!

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